Pool Rx has the solution for all your liner replacement and cover installation needs. We can successfully perform these services quickly and with minimal disturbance to you and the surrounding areas.

Replacing your swimming pool liner is one of the most cost-effective ways of extending the life and durability of your pool. A new liner can also dramatically improve the appearance of your pool, thus making your backyard investment more inviting for family and visitors.

Pool Liner Replacements

  • Custom Measure your Pool liner
  • Install your New Liner
  • Provide Industry Leading Experience and Technology
  • We balance your Pool Water back with all Liner Replacements

Swimming pool covers are essential accessories for the discerning pool owner. Pool covers help to make pools safer for those who have children. They help save time and reduce maintenance costs by keeping out debris. They can even help prevent your pool water from evaporating, reducing the number of times your pool will need backwashing.

Pool Cover Installations

  • Safety Cover Installations
  • Solid Safety Covers
  • Mesh Safety Covers
  • Water Bag Covers

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